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Yes, please.

I mean after this photo – who really cares what’s in this latte, anyway?! But, to tempt your palate even more (I promise) it tastes as good as it looks.The ‘Seattle Style’ Caramel Latte is a classic Espressole latte with a hint of real vanilla bean paste, topped with homemade caramel. Stop in for one today – and we promise it’ll add more sunshine to your day than if you were sipping it in Seattle!

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Last weekend, Sarah, The Kitchen Table’s Marketing & Events Coordinator, was lucky enough to be in beautiful Seattle and drop by Zoka Coffee for a special visit. It was a wonderful experience to visit Zoka at it’s finest – in the heart of Seattle. The baristas, owner, and our rep showed her around the coffee shop, told her about the local happenings, and let her taste some amazing espresso, amongst many other delights they make. The shop happened to be having a scone competition the morning Sarah was there to see how many freshly baked treats they could sell; and they sold a whopping 43 by the time she left. Whoah. Thanks to everyone at Zoka for showing us such kind hospitality. Just another reason why we love our coffee and tea at Espressole!

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Jessica from Zoka Coffee Pulls the Perfect Shot of Espresso from Kitchen Table Cooking School on Vimeo.

Why is our coffee so good you may ask? Well, it’s buy the best beans of course – and we have the best trainers. Thanks to our rep Jessica from Zoka for coming out to teach us all to be better baristas!

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