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Savor The Flavors 

Neighborhood trees are shedding their colorful leaves, Halloween costumes are coming out of closets, and Holiday travel plans are looming in the air. It must be October. With cooler weather approaching and the finest flavors of fall on the tip of your tongue – we think there’s no better time than right now to treat yourself to a cooking class at The Kitchen Table.

Before the Holidays are in full-swing, clear some time in your busy schedule for yourself (or you and your sweetie) to sharpen your cooking skills. Whether it be learning to create regional cuisine from coast to coast, or honing in on your core cooking foundations – we have a class that will allow you to savor your favorite flavors.

Remember, the best part about taking a cooking class at The Kitchen Table is that the fun just starts here. We teach you the skills you need to create delicious dishes for a lifetime.

The Savoring Starts Here

Tapas for Two – New Couples Cooking Class Thursday, October 13, 6-9pm, $240

Fill Your Freezer For Families on the Go – Substantial Snacks Thursday, October 20, 11am-2pm $80

Secrets of Soup Series – Pumpkins Thursday, October 20, 6-9pm $80

The Whole Pumpkin and Nothing But The Pumpkin Tuesday, October 25, 11am-2pm $80

Baking with Altitude Tuesday, November 1, 11am-2pm $80

Fill Your Freezer For Families on the Go – Easy Entrees Thursday, November 3, 11am-2pm $80

Artisan Breads II Wednesday, November 9, 6-9pm $80

Amazing Holiday Appetizers Saturday, November 19, 11am-2pm $80

Something For Kids To Savor

Teen Cuisine: Pumpkins – Not Just Another Pretty Face Sunday, November 23, 11am-2pm $80

Halloween for Kids – A Ghoulish Gathering for 3rd-5th Graders Friday, October 27, 9am-12pm $80

Halloween for Kids – A Ghoulish Gathering for 6th-8th Graders Friday October 27, 1-4pm $80

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