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There is nothing in the world like American Regional Cuisine.  The US is a melting pot of ethnic cultures, and we have embraced these multi-cultural cuisines, infused them with distinct local ingredients, to create our own unique regional cuisine. Are you ready for the next stop on our Food Tour USA?

The next stop on our Food Tour USA is the Mid-Atlantic region.  With its milder climate, river valleys with rich soil, and that amazing coastline, the Mid-Atlantic sets the perfect environment for producing delicious cuisine.

The Mid-Atlantic starts in the north with New York and travels south all the way to West Virginia.  Thrown in there is Maryland, the largest producer of crabs and oysters!! Pennsylvania is also part of the Mid-Atlantic and is the nation’s top producer of chocolate, pretzels, milk, fruit, mushrooms, and also has the oldest operating farmer’s market in the United States.  Who knew?

In just three-hours, you’ll create this amazing menu of:

Maryland’s Spicy Crab Soup with Crab Puffs
New York’s Roasted Long Island Duck with Garlic and Honey
Virginia’s Roasted Root Vegetables
Pennsylvania’s Hershey’s Chocolate Nut Apple Strudel

Don’t delay – register today! The Mid-Atlantic is Fantastic: December 8, 11am-2pm $95.

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The Kitchen Table is proud to introduce you to our newest class series: Food Tour USA! We’re taking you on a culinary road trip to visit the best eats of the country.

First stop on the adventure – the shores of New England. Next, on to the Mid-Atlantic states. Continue ‘down home’ for some Southern comfort classics, and then for some ragin’ Cajun before you make your way up to the Midwestern states and Great Lakes.

That’s just the beginning; stay tuned to see the stops to come on the culinary itinerary! Wishing you tasty travels on the food tour.

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